Short Sleeve Shirt (Light Blue)


Short Sleeve Shirt | Light Blue with big wood-buttons | Orange-crossed stitching creates a bold sentence.

* LIMITED EDITION * Made as a self-promo piece | Only 34 pieces are made of this color. 

Stitch-in on collar-tip not only serves as added detail but ensures collar stays upward and smart even when shirt is not buttoned to top. 

Our guides and any information are to be used as an estimation only when helping you choose the correct size. Model stands 1.76m tall - wearing M size.

(cm) S M L XL
Shoulder 46 48 49 50.5
Chest 51 53.5 55 57
Waist 50 52 54 56
Hip 49 51.5 53 55

If you have any questions regarding the fit of this item please email to

All pricing in Singapore Dollar (SGD). 


The idea for a short sleeve shirt came about when we received numerous requests to introduce a top in short sleeves.
Hence, we decided to design a short sleeve shirt with a casual Friday look & feel. 

Friday is when executives move at a slightly more casual pace, traveling slightly further for lunch and hanging out till late after work. 
We wanted to design something that is more relaxed and comfortable and yet doesn’t compromise on the executive image. 

With that, white and light blue were chosen as they are not as heavy as compared to the darker colours. 
We also introduced the stitched down collar, which has fast became one of the biggest highlight of this shirt. The stitched down design keeps the collar standing tall and smart even when it's not buttoned all the way up.
This cut is also more contemporary as compared to the rest of our collection, which lean towards the tapered side, thus making it suitable for all to wear.

Lastly, we can’t forget our iconic fabric label which is incorporated at the back of the collar, fastened by our signature brown button. Additionally, piping was added to hem of the shirt to round this design off.

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