Grandad Collar Shirt (Navy Blue) - (Sold out)

$39.50 $79.00

Grandad Shirt | Navy Blue with big wood-buttons | Red-crossed stitching creates a bold sentence.

* LIMITED EDITION * Made as a self-promo piece | Only 30 pieces are made of this color. 

This item is tailored fit - expect waist and arms area to have a nice slim-cut | Our guides and any information are to be used as an estimation only when helping you choose the correct size. Model stands 1.76m tall - wearing M size.

(cm) S M L XL
Shoulder 44.5 47.5 50 52.5
Chest 50 52 55 57
Waist 44.5 47 49.5 52
Hip 48.5 49.5 53 55.5

If you have any questions regarding the fit of this item please email to

All pricing in Singapore Dollar (SGD). 

NOTE: Wash separately for the first few times (excess fabric dye comes off when washed in the beginning but doesn't affect the look of the shirt).


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