Curve Collar Shirt (Light Blue)


Curve Collar Shirt | Light Blue with big wood-buttons | Red-crossed stitching creates a bold sentence.

* LIMITED EDITION * Made as a self-promo piece | Only 50 pieces are made of this color. 

This item is tailored fit - expect waist and arms area to have a nice slim-cut | Our guides and any information are to be used as an estimation only when helping you choose the correct size. Model stands 1.76m tall - wearing M size.

(cm) S M L XL
Shoulder 44 46 48 50.5
Chest 50 52 54 56.5
Waist 47.5 50.5 52.5 54.5
Hip 46.5 49.5 51.5 53

If you have any questions regarding the fit of this item please email to


From the collar tip to pocket, right down to the hem of the shirt, our curve collar shirt was designed with a holistic look in mind - keeping the curved element consistent.

Of course that isn’t enough.
To round this design off and create that impeccable finishing touch, we have subtly included three elements to this piece. Fabric labels at the side and back of collar, fastened by our signature brown button.
Just simple details we take pride of to ensure that every design is a masterpiece.

Can’t decide the colour? Here’s some help from us.

The light blue version is of a thinner material and has a slight contrasting 2-tone colour due to the fabric used. Great for hot days in sunny Singapore!
On the other hand, the Turquoise version albeit a bit thicker, will ensure you stand out from the crowd due to its unique eye catching shade.


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